Security Case Study

Two key features of the brief were: 

  • To retain the existing card database +3000 users
  • Fully integrate the Plant equipment alarm reporting system
  • To carry out the upgrade using a methodology that provided a seamless transition for the end users.

We used a methodology that included running the old and the new systems in parallel and sharing one database, and upgrading door modules one at a time to mitigate risk and door open downtime.

After commencement of the contract, it became apparent that the door control modules were not optically isolated or self-powered.

When Guardall NZ recognised this issue, our Contract Representative provided the Client with a solution which included isolation of the LAN and the boosting of voltage to overcome distance problems. This was implemented at no additional cost to the Client.

As a food manufacturer and a customs port for ships landing from overseas, the Client is a high-risk corporate site: our success on this contract reflects our understanding of client core requirements and business outcomes – a key requirement for the this contract.

A number of other situations were also overcome:

  • Disparate door controller locations
  • Limited budget
  • Requirement for seamless use of access cards across the clients sites
  • Very strict out comes
  • Most cabling visible

Our Performance

  • Implemented the solution for the issue with the door modules, as outlined above, at no additional cost to the Client
  • We met a very tight deadline
  • Achieved the project’s goal of zero downtime and within budget
  • Met all quality requirements of the contract
  • Experienced zero health and safety or environmental issues on the contract