Protect your home against burglary

All good advertising campaigns leave the "target market” with a hint or a "suggestion" in their minds that the product being advertised is worthy of further investigation.

In the same way, how your property looks at first glance, sends a similar kind of message to a burglar who is prospecting for easy targets to exploit. Burglars are supersensitive to the "hints” about the level of security that is in place.

Deterrence is the name of the game. We want the burglar to take one look at your property and instantly decide "Too Hard" and move on.

There are a number things that make it difficult for burglars to operate:

  • Open space (which increases the likelihood of being observed and discovered)
  • Good lighting with movement sensor around the property
  • Securely locked doors and windows
  • Alarms that are visible from the street and make a heck of a racket when set off