By selecting zones to be armed in your home at night your alarm can provide protect against home invasion while you are sleeping.

Establish a routine that every resident adheres to of making sure the alarm is armed it every time the property is left unattended.

An alarm that is not utilised will only serve to be the source of great embarrassment and potential trouble with any insurance claim should your property be burgled while no one is at home and security system has been rendered useless by its owner.

You need to promote the fact that your home has electronic protection. The external siren needs to be obvious at a glance down your driveway.

When you have your alarm monitored by Secom Guardall we will provide you with sticker to place on windows and a small sign to place in your driveway.

This sends a message to potential invaders that this property is a hard target that will call for a manned response should its defences be triggered.