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With Helix, you’ll have full control of your home automation from your smartphone or tablet. With new smart devices arriving all the time, the possibilities are endless – connect to Helix’s camera from your desk, lock your doors from the dentist’s office, turn on your heatpump from the train station or be notified of a flooding bathroom before major damage is done.



Truly wireless and portable

With no cables, Helix can be installed much faster and more cost effectively than traditional systems. This means Helix can move when you do – perfect for renters or temporary applications.

Interactive security

Arm and disarm your system with Helix, view both your history and real-time status, and get notifications and alerts.

Live, constant and event recordings

Switch between live viewing and recordings, and record continuously for up to seven days. Store security events securely in the cloud.


Helix’s speakers and microphone let you talk with family, or warn of intruders directly through the camera.

Home control

Control your home’s lights, locks, garage doors, appliances and more.

Built-in automation

Set up responses in Helix – e.g. lights on when motion is detected, doors locked when system is armed.

Manage contacts

Add, edit and remove contacts, and control access levels and panel codes.

Always monitored

Helix communicates with SECOM Monitoring through your internet connection, with a 3G backup. With more than twice the range of other systems, the wireless security panel can go anywhere in your home, and Helix uses Cryptix™ sensor technology for added security.

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