CCTV - Analogue, Hybrid & IP

We help you plan your CCTV System

We use our extensive security experience to help you plan every aspect of your CCTV system, from the placement of surveillance cameras, the expected field of view and security lighting to the implementation of control and recording equipment. The result is that you can  observe your premises and protect your business and home from the real threats of the world..

Control your CCTV equipment with ease
Whether it is a traditional analogue closed circuit television system or a digital system using advanced security technology, our experts will advise you on which monitoring and control equipment is most suitable to your requirements and budget.

Discreet CCTV cameras
With all CCTV cameras, sensitivity to ambient lighting levels are critical for high quality image reproduction. SECOM provide a range of cameras from medium to high resolution which operate effectively in various light levels.

View your Images from anywhere in the world
If you have and Android/iPad/iPhone mobile device let us show you how you could see and control your cameras from anywhere in the world!