Security, training with PoS

Train efficient staff, reduce shrinkage, satisfy customers.

Point of Sale technology (PoS) serves a number of useful purposes. Loss through theft can cost your retail business an enormous amount every year. By interfacing PoS with your video surveillance, you’ll be aware of theft events sooner and resolve issues faster. It all adds up to maximising your business profit.

PoS is also invaluable for training new checkout operators, helping them attain accuracy and efficiency with transactions. Your new staff will be ready to work unsupervised sooner, and your PoS will act as a deterrent for internal theft. For customer queries, the system allows you to accurately identify specific transactions and resolve complaints quickly.

With over 50 years in the security industry, SECOM has vast experience in PoS technology, so we can help you choose the right system to meet the demands of your business. We have a large range of products to choose from, whether you are a small business or a multi-store chain.

Find out more about how PoS technology can help your business, your staff and your customers – contact us today.


Photo credit Pixabay