What is Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm monitoring stations are there to receive signals from your security system and act upon them promptly and appropriately.

They are 24/7 operations and a good station will be highly secure and comply with the NZ/Australian standards for monitoring centers.

What action is taken when an alarm goes into activation depends on what instructions you set up when connecting to the service. It usually involves phoning a set of key-holder contacts and/or dispatching a guard to investigate. In some cases, depending on circumstances they can also dispatch emergency services if required.

More about guard services.

Monitoring stations will also notify you if there is a fault reported from your alarm.

“My alarm reports to my phone. I don’t need professional monitoring”… WRONG!

Self-monitoring is becoming more popular but it’s a convenience feature, not a security feature of most systems.

Even those of us permanently attached to our phones will be unavailable at some stage, moves, sleeping, meetings, out of coverage – all times when you would miss an alarm event.

What if you get the message but you are nowhere near home? What can you do?

That’s where monitoring matters, ready and paying attention to your system. Equipped to respond quickly in an emergency.

Why choose SECOM for monitoring?

  • Purpose built monitoring station
  • Audited and graded A1 – the highest possible standard
  • Licensed professional staff
  • Fully supported by SECOM’s technical service team
  • Extremely competitive rates

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