Skilled experts through quality training

NZQA accredited security qualifications

We understand the need for infallibility in security for your business, and we take that responsibility extremely seriously.

Why we train all our people

For the highest standards in training, SECOM partners with NZSA and Skills New Zealand to design and deliver security qualifications that are NZQA accredited. Our training aims to:

  1. Improve efficiency and productivity
  2. Provide employees with skill development and career opportunities
  3. Develop more highly skilled and flexible work teams
  4. Remove barriers to using the acquired skills

Professional development

SECOM is committed to a performance development program for all employees. Performance management forms part of each employment contract and induction training. For the technical staff, we include career planning, goal setting and skills development.

Performance and development reviews include:

  1. Annual assessment
  2. Discussion and review of job performance
  3. Feedback on performance and agreed objectives
  4. Setting job standards and benchmarks for the future.

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